Spring is right around the corner (one can but hope...), so it's time to ready the house for the market if you are thinking of selling.  Here are some pointers:

1.  Take some interior and exterior photos.  These narrow your focus and allow you to see your house more like potential buyers might see it.  

2.  You house isn't special.  Yes, it has an updated kitchen and a lavish bath.  So does much of the competition.  Yes, it has crown molding and a to-die-for outdoor kitchen.  So does much of the competition.  So how do you make your house REALLY special?  Present it in its best light...de-clutter, repaint if necessary, fresh flowers when you know there's a showing...these things make your house MORE special...

3.  Which of these would you purchase?  The one on the right, am I correct?  It's the same kitchen, but in a before-and-after shot once it was decluttered by the Seller.  The house sold quickly after decluttering.